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Does Website Design Affect SEO?

by | 4 Aug, 2020 | Website Design

Many things can separate a good website from a great website, such as web design. Finding a balance between striking aesthetics and the aspects of a site that affect search engine optimisation (SEO), such as page loading speeds, can be reached by adapting the website design of your choice to maximise the clicks to your website.

Whether your site is intended to be a creative portfolio or an online store for your wares, it is important to include keywords in the design itself, because keywords in articles help the SEO of the article, but keywords in the web design elevate the website’s ranking on different search engines.

Here are some tips to help with your SEO in your web design.

Use Keywords in web design

Keywords that are relevant to your niche in your website help boost the SEO of the entire site. But ensure that the keywords are thoroughly researched and their feasibility checked. Trending and popular keywords can provide a quick and easy boost to SEO rankings.

Choose the domain name carefully

Including a relevant keyword in your domain name can work wonders. For example, searching Google for the keyword ‘bike’ is more likely to bring up websites that have ‘bike’ in their domain name.

Find your balance of specificity

Using keywords that are only relevant in your particular niche will certainly help you in your particular area, but your site might rank lower than some websites of a slightly wider niche. Restricting yourself to only keyword-orientated content can be detrimental.

Do not obsess over images

Images on websites can pose a problem when it comes to page loading speeds, which is one of the factors that is used by Google to compile their website rankings. Images are certainly necessary for a website, but ensure they are optimised for the web. Avoid cluttering your site with flash plugins, large high-resolution photos, and animations that will slow down your site.

For any site to be a commercial success, the web design has to be carefully considered, so contact web designers in Surrey for the professional touch.


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