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How The Pandemic Has Inspired Entrepreneurial Spirits

by | 13 Aug, 2020 | Website Design

The coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown has resulted in lots of industries being put on pause or slowing down, so you could think that entrepreneurship has not been at the forefront of the nation’s mind… but new businesses are actually on the rise, and people are now needing website designers for start-ups more than ever.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Wales recently reported that it’s seen a huge increase in enquiries from people wanting to find out how to become self-employed and looking at ways that they can become their own boss.

Perhaps it’s because people have realised how much they enjoy the freedom of working from home, and have been given a taste of the ‘freelancer lifestyle’, where they’re no longer being micro-managed and have the sense of working for themselves.

Maybe being away from the office has left people with the desire to step away from ‘workplace drama’ and office politics and create a business with a work culture that has a better fit.

It could be that the economy has taken a hit and the job market is looking less stable, or that the enormity of the pandemic has highlighted our own mortality and given people that “come on, you’ve got to follow your dreams right now” push.

In Wales the number of new businesses registered hit 1,781 in June and 1,933 in July—increases of 18.9% and 16.7% compared to the figures for the same time in 2019.

Ben Francis of the FSB said that while we don’t yet know the impact of coronavirus on the economic landscape, there must be “significant support from government to help those who might choose to move from employment to working for themselves.”

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