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Web Design Mistakes Designers Must Avoid in 2020

by | 21 Jul, 2020 | Website Design

No matter how experienced a designer is, it’s always important to keep on top of the latest trends in web and user interface (UI) design, and the web design industry is so wide-ranging, that there are a lot of specific trends to learn, and many are dependant on the business of the client.

A company’s website has to be one of it’s greatest marketing tools, so in any highly competitive business, your web design can’t afford to make mistakes. Let’s have a look at the most common web design mistakes everyone should be aware of and to avoid in 2020

Poor Navigation

Designers can spend a lot of time deciding on the positioning of design elements, web pages, and other animations throughout a website. But while the end product might be an appealing website, it can sometimes result in an overly-complicated customer journey.

Having an attractive website to draw visitors in is great, but there’s little point if they cannot locate the services and links they are looking for. Always try to keep the navigation as simple as possible throughout a website.

Countless CTAs

The Call To Action (CTA) is a powerful tool to convert a visitor into a customer. But if your website has excessive CTAs, they will only irritate the visitor, who will then go looking for alternative websites.

Focus on just a few relevant CTAs to ensure a rich customer experience.

Non-Mobile-Friendly Websites

It’s very important to remember that in 2020, many more consumers are browsing the web via their smartphones or tablets. No matter how perfect it is on a desktop if your website is not configured to look as good on a smartphone, your customers struggle, and again, move onto the competition.

When considering your web design, to ensure your business continues to grow, make sure you avoid the above mistakes. If you need website designers in Kingston, get in touch today!


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