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3 Important Web Design Trends For 2021

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The field of website design is constantly evolving, and it is the role of a web designer to sift through all the latest trends and fads to predict which ones are grounded in sound website design, and which are passing fads that will quickly become dated and fade away.

If you’re developing your website design strategy, then it’s important to know which trends are the ones to say attention to. We have three of the more important trends to take notice of in 2021.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism will become a dominant trend across all aspects of design, from logo design, product design, and packaging design, and minimalist website design is bound to follow.

In web design, minimalism involves using only essential elements – simple text and typefaces, plenty of space, monochrome or duo-chrome colour palettes, and simple graphics. The minimalistic design will draw the viewer’s attention, and also leaves them wanting more, which will lead them into exploring your website further.

2. Interactive landing pages

Your landing page can play a major role in whether a visitor is merely a passerby, or will become a customer. To be effective, your landing page needs to be captivating and unique. You can add interactive elements, such as an attractive, creative, and interactive questionnaire, to draw the visitor in.

3. Dark mode

Dark mode is now seen on many popular websites and apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Rather than dark text and images on a light background, dark mode features light text and images on a dark background.

But, it’s not as simple as just inverting the colours. Instead, dark mode turns text lighter, the background darker, and keeps accent colours relatively the same (just darker). Think dark colour schemes all around.

With dark mode, individual designs and elements really stand out.

Web design trends are only as important as their ability to represent your brand authentically. People can see past meaningless trends. Make sure you make web design choices that support a good user experience and your brand.

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