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3 Graphic Design Trends To Know About

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In these rapidly changing times, it is no surprise that several, often contradictory, trends are emerging in graphic design and illustration. In general, there has been a shift towards clean infographics, socially conscious design, and optimistic themes.

Clean infographics

With so much real news, fake news, statistics, and so on being spewed out from news channels and social media, there is a new appetite for clean and clear presentation. Simple infographics and illustrations which can neatly summarise complex topics are a key trend in editorial design, InDesignSkills explains.

Socially conscious designs

2020 was a year of activism, from the Black Lives Matter protests to the growing awareness of climate change. Design has always grown out of wider cultural movements, Hubspot explains, and design also shapes the way we look out at the world. However, the publication warns against opportunistic bandwagon-jumping.

Trend-watchers predicts that authentic representation and diversity, along with deliberate ‘imperfection’, will be valued over a more superficial and trite approach to design. Sustainability will be an important theme, particularly in packaging design, which is moving towards eco-friendly materials, neutral palettes, and natural imagery.


Finally, after so much loss and upheaval, the mood will swing towards reassuring or soothing themes. In a trend Hubspot describes as ‘retro-futurism’, designers are blending the comfortable certainties of the past with a sense of the progressing world. This could be in the form of taking familiar logos and setting them in futuristic visuals, for example.

Elsewhere, meditative, calming graphics, neutral colours, and pared back layouts will reflect the need for chilled-out spaces, InDesignSkills predicts. The trend for cultivating the home as a sanctuary, self-care, and the new focus on mental wellbeing will materialise in design with images inspired by nature, and earthy palettes and textures in desktop backgrounds.

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