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What Makes A Great Logo?

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A logo is a key element of a brand’s corporate identity. It is usually the first thing a customer notices, and they will hopefully see time after time, so it’s crucial to get the right design that communicates the essence of the brand. The logo needs to be distinctive and memorable, and to stand the test of time.

Coming up with the perfect logo for a business or organisation can be a daunting challenge if you are not a professional designer. However, there are a few things all good logos have in common, so let’s have a look at what these are.

Simplicity is at the heart of some of the most memorable logos. This means they can be registered from a passing glance, as a potential customer swipes through their phone, or drives by a billboard at 60mph. An unfussy logo will be recognised and remembered. Think of Nike or McDonalds; the famous tick or golden arches immediately springs to mind.

A good logo should also stand the test of time. If you use a trendy retro font that is currently the height of fashion, it will probably remain horribly frozen in the year it was designed. Consumers will be wary that the company’s products or services will be similarly behind the curve.

It is more important than ever that a logo is versatile enough to work across a variety of formats. Does it look equally strong blown up to billboard size as it does in a website thumbnail? Does it rely on a colour scheme to make it distinct, or does the design still stand up in black and white?

Last but not least, the logo needs to be appropriate for its audience. Typeface snobs sneer at ‘fun’ font styles such as Comic Sans, but this would be fine for a brand aimed at children. A font can say as much as a graphic; it is not the logo’s job to literally convey what the company does, it just needs to be a flagship for the product or company.

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