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How To Take Full Advantage Of Your Landing Pages

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Landing pages are among the simplest tools you can use to help boost your SEO and conversion rates, and you often see them implemented very well in social media advertising, where a seller knows they have limited time and space to win a customer over.

A landing page, to use an incredibly simple definition, is a webpage specifically designed to be used for a particular advertising or marketing campaign, which you direct your audience to and have a single goal or call to action in mind.

A good example of this in action is a prize draw. You advertise through email, Google AdSense and social media and send people to a simplified yet thematically similar version of your website that has the sole aim of making your user complete the call to action.

The important point here is “sole aim”. A landing page is not your home page and is not there to showcase everything your business can accomplish, as that can overwhelm or distract a user. Instead, you are cutting to the chase and giving a user what they are after.

There are typically two different kinds of landing pages that are commonly used, ones that boost SEO and ones that boost conversions.

An SEO-based landing page has a lot of content and keywords that are built around a single subject and help a user to gain a broad knowledge of a topic fairly quickly.

The conversion-boosting landing page, on the other hand, is all about making an action as quick and straightforward as possible. This can include outright sales, as well as contact forms and petitions.

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