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Web Design Trends To Watch In 2021

by | 14 Dec, 2020 | Website Design

It’s (almost) a new year and that might mean it’s time for a new website? Or at the very least an assessment and overhaul of your existing site.

Either way, it’s always worth checking in on some of the top trends in web design, and Creative Boom recently compiled a handy list, based on a report by Editor X, that could help focus your discussions with your web designers in Surrey.

At the top of the list of trends to watch is the rise of immersive experiences that are replacing in-real-life interactions.

Partner and creative director of Hyperakt Deroy Peraza told the publication: “This unexpectedly digital-first year has been a defining moment for websites as platforms to create immersive digital ‘worlds’ that show unique points of view.”

We all know that user interfaces (UI) are a particularly important aspect of web design but in 2021 and beyond we should expect the UI of sites to become more fully customisable. The Editor X report expects designers to create “modular and modifiable assets and interfaces that consider different types of users and how various UI options could benefit them”.

Another trend that will certainly be embraced by designers is that of positivity. After 2020, it will be time for the world of web design to inject some softer, happier and funnier visuals, with healthcare and emotional wellness being key considerations.

Within the world of business websites, an article for Business2Community recently suggested that areas to watch in 2021 include the increase in popularity of web chats as well as the need to ensure that your site is optimised for voice search, which is increasingly being embraced by users.


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