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Majority Of Small Businesses Want To Improve Their Website

by | 20 Nov, 2020 | Website Design

A website’s digital presence is exceptionally important, however, the vast majority of small and medium enterprise (SME) owners claimed that their existing websites need improving.

The research, undertaken by Zyro (as published in Global Banking and Finance Review) claimed that as many as 87 per cent of SMEs are not fully satisfied with their website overall.

This largely equally breaks down into the three main areas of web design for Kingston business owners. Of those surveyed, 45 per cent believe their website’s layout needs improving, 45 per cent want to work on the SEO and 43 per cent want to improve the quality of content.

These are the three core principles of what makes an online business successful and are exceptionally vital as lockdown restrictions continue in the UK. Here are ways to improve these specific areas.


Website Layout

Ultimately, your website should be easy and simple to navigate, with a clear path towards any information a prospective customer would want to see. Less is often more, and your focus must be on ensuring a customer can access what they need.

Understanding your customer profile helps here, as you can prioritise your customer base and what they would want as well as your new prospective customer.


SEO And Content

Both of these go hand in hand, as the latter is becoming increasingly important for developing the former. If your website is old and uses older SEO principles it may be actually harming its search ranking by being stuffed full of keywords.

High quality, readable, engaging copy designed with your human audience in mind is far more important and will endure longer than designing content with the search engine in mind first.

Prioritise the content first, and then it can be effectively used to move a prospective customer to the next step in the pipeline.


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