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Web Design Issues That Hurt Your Search Rank

by | 27 Oct, 2020 | Website Design

A lot of factors need to go into the design of your web page for it to truly flourish and help assist with your business, from ensuring alignment with brand identity to deeper technical boosts to help your website be picked up in search engines.

The key with web design in Kingston and across the UK is the ability to ensure that the objectives of the brand and the technical requirements to ensure that same brand appears high in search results do not conflict.

Google, makers of a search engine so ubiquitous that it is almost a genericised trademark, have an elaborate series of search criteria, sometimes known in SEO circles as the algorithm.

Here are some web design mistakes that you may not realise are costing you clicks.


Slow Web Pages

Page speed has become an increasing problem for a lot of pages, as web designs become more elaborate, and companies want an increasing number of features on their websites which if added inefficiently can make pages inaccessible to those with slow internet connections.

Google have a simple but effective tool called PageSpeed Insights which can analyse your website and see if there any obvious fixes that can be made.

Mobile Unfriendly Pages

Mobile-first and responsive design are terms that have become increasingly important as more of us use the internet in different ways.

Websites may rank differently on different devices, and may, in fact, rank worse overall if they do not run well on smartphones, tablets and other devices.


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