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Top Tips For Success With Your Ecommerce Site

by | 28 Oct, 2020 | Website Design

There’s no doubt that the online sector is booming in 2020 and that may mean your business is transitioning to provide an ecommerce store as well as physical outlets.

But what elements do you need to include in your web design to ensure that your ecommerce site performs well with both your existing and new customers? An article for Business2Community recently offered some advice about the areas to consider.

At the top of the list is a design that’s user friendly. This might sound obvious, but as soon as you spend just a little bit of time browsing online you’ll discover it’s an area where many businesses fall down.

Working with web designers in Surrey, or wherever you’re based, will help a lot here. Fundamentally, when you’re looking at the user experience focus on areas like navigation, search functionality and mobile responsiveness.

Another area you shouldn’t neglect is online reviews, what’s also known as social proof. This not only shows that other people have purchased your products, but what they thought of them too.

You can also explore how you could feature user-generated content on your site. Often this is likely to come via your social media channels, so think carefully about how they can be incorporated without detracting from what you’re trying to achieve.

Responsive design is another big box to tick nowadays and, as we recently explained, it’s more important than ever because we’re browsing on a wider range of devices than ever before. In fact, the latest figures show we carry out more searches on mobile devices than on desktops.


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