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The Importance Of Good User Experience

by | 30 Sep, 2020 | Website Design

Modern website design can be relative. Some people may consider a website designed in 2010 to be modern, while others in the field of website design have to contend with so many changes and trends that anything pre-2019 or even pre-2020 is old hat and outdated.

But whether your website was updated as recently as yesterday, or it hasn’t changed and is serving the same function for several years, the one metric that is needed to measure how well a website is performing is the user experience (UX).

How your website visitors perceive and interact with your website can make or break a business. UX is the overall experience that a consumer has using a product, such as your website, particularly in terms of the ease of how they can use it, and how pleasurable the experience is.

Your website design can affect UX in a few ways:

It Guides the Reader’s Eye Down the Page.

One of the keys to a well-designed website is how well it guides the reader down the page. This can mean breaking content into smaller chunks, and the use of visual hierarchy such as banner images, appealing fonts, and good use of white space.

It Captures Their Attention

First impressions count, and it can take a visitor only 0.05 seconds to decide if they want to stick around and explore your website or to move on. It’s essential to include high-quality images and graphics, easily readable and eye-catching typography, and cohesive design. A clean and minimalist website will draw attention more than a cluttered one.

It Promotes Professionalism and Can Build Trust

94 per cent of people won’t trust an outdated website, which means keeping your site up to date and constantly refined with new content is pleasing to visitors.

Good website design will present your organisation as professional and seem more reliable, and that you care about how your business presents itself.

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