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Top Tips For Crafting A Brand

by | 25 Jan, 2018 | Website Design

We all understand the importance of good branding when it comes to developing a successful business and consumers are becoming ever-more discerning, which makes getting your brand right, and communicating it effectively, even more important.

Several members of the Forbes Coaches Council have offered their tips on the best creative branding techniques to use to ensure your business stands out.

Frances McIntosh, from Intentional Coaching LLC, said that it’s vital to “show your audience what you can do for them”. She stressed that you need to answer the question of what you can do for them “without professional jargon, in everyday language”.

“Make your potential clients the hero with you being the guide to success,” she stated.

Creating video content and setting up a blog, which you regularly post to, were other top tips shared by the experts.

Mark S. Babbitt, from YouTern, meanwhile, told the news provider that utilising testimonials is important.

“Stop talking about yourself – and let your customers, colleagues and mentors do the talking for you, through testimonials,” he asserted.

You may want to consider these things when working on your new website with web designers in Surrey.

Video content has become increasingly important and there are a multitude of ways in which you can use this medium on your website.

As well as videoing events and broadcasting live, if it’s relevant, you could create instructional videos that relate to your products or services. You may even want to consider sharing video testimonials, combining two trends in the branding sphere.


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