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Why Adverts Could Pose A Threat To Your Website

by | 31 Aug, 2018 | Website Design

If you’re a business owner, then you’ll know how important it is to have a presence online and to rival your competition. You might even use the site to host adverts, creating another stream of revenue for the company. No matter where you’re based in the UK – from Kent to Surrey – web design could ultimately suffer if you’re not careful about the ads that you’re displaying on your pages.

Research from Sizmek (via the Drum) found that almost 38 per cent of brand marketers said that they had run adverts on a website that were either harmful or unsafe. Speaking to 500 people from the US and Europe, 64 per cent said that it was difficult to introduce an effective brand safety solution.

Hardeep Bindra, the vice president of product management for real-time decision services at Sizmek, commented: “The digital media ecosystem is complex and fragmented, so it is no surprise that marketers are prioritising efficiency and transparency from their partners.

“These survey results confirm what we’ve been hearing from our clients about simplifying [the] supply chain and the challenges they face with brand safety.”

If a new customer stumbles across your website and is spammed with ads that could potentially cause damage to their computer, then it will immediately leave a bad impression on anyone. You’ll want to test your website thoroughly across different browsers and on different devices, ensuring that ads don’t interfere with their experience or don’t pose a threat to them.

If you spend plenty of time building a fantastic website, it’ll all be in vain if it doesn’t reach its full potential due to certain ads.


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