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The Psychology of Shape In Logo Design

by | 20 Sep, 2018 | Website Design

When it comes to working with website designers to create a logo for your Kingston business, when the right logo comes along, you may feel that it instinctively sums up your business – but where does that feeling come from?

There’s a lot of connotations, hidden meaning and psychology in not only the fonts that your designers uses, but also the shapes. This little guide from puts the emotions that you feel with the shape used, and is a great guide when starting to think about branding for your business.

Geometric shapes are ones that aren’t usually found in nature, so work well for businesses in sector where precision is key. Squares and rectangles come with a meaning of strength and stability – literal building blocks – so if reliability and order is high on the agenda, a square might be a good starting point.

Perfect circles are less harsh than squares, and have a sense of fluidity, harmony and energy – making these a good choice for people facing businesses. A triangle’s meaning depends on how it is positioned, generally with momentum in whichever direction they point. Up for ascending power, while down may have more unstable meaning.

Abstract shapes and symbols have much more meaning from culture, but ensuring yours works in futures over than your own is important if you are a global brand. Arrows are popular choice as they show movement, whereas stars can have a million meanings depending on context such as colour and font surrounding them.

Organic shapes often imbue a sense of nature into a logo – making them popular for health foods, spas and anything that looks to give a sense of relaxation.


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