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Does Your Small Business Need To Consider Its Web Presence?

by | 27 Feb, 2018 | Website Design

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s essential nowadays to have a strong online presence. Customers use the internet as their first port of call for information, and if you aren’t on there you can’t hope to be found by the majority of them. Business IT recently highlighted figures from the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, which shows just how vital it is to have a website at the very least.

The survey found that 62 per cent of customers will stop considering using a business if they can’t find any information about it on the internet. That’s a lot of people who are failing to find or contact your firm because they can’t find what they want with a quick online search – and it’s easily avoidable. A YouGov Galaxy survey revealed that 59 per cent of small businesses without a website blame a lack of technical expertise for not setting one up, while 42 per cent stated that it was because they didn’t have the time.

However, by hiring web designers in Surrey, you can have a functional and well-designed website up and running without having to worry about your technical expertise (or lack thereof). The website also pointed out that modern content management systems (CMS) make it easy to edit the content on your site once it’s created too.

Last year, TG Daily pointed out that having a good web design with strong calls to action can lead to conversions, and therefore improve your business’s sales, making an even more compelling argument for boosting your online presence in 2018.


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