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Do You Understand The Need For Responsive Web Design?

by | 6 Mar, 2018 | Website Design

Responsive web design isn’t a new concept, and businesses are slowly embracing it. But do you truly understand why you need to make sure that your website is responsive?

TG Daily recently shared some of the best responsive web design practices for the year ahead, but we thought we’d start by going back to basics before highlighting some of their key takeaways.

Responsive web design is essential because more and more people view website on smartphones and tablets, in addition to laptops and desktops. As we all know (or should know by now) trying to navigate a desktop site on a mobile phone can be a challenge – you need to make life as easy as possible for your customers, and that’s where responsive design comes in.

It’s not only about having a page that can easily scale though – TG Daily highlighted some simple tricks that can make a difference to your responsive design.

One of them is to use smart typography. This is where not only the font size, but the font itself can alter depending on the device and screen size.

You also don’t need to stick to a black and white colour palette, with the website noting that “vibrant colours are the new black”. To make sure you get this right, hire website designers in Kingston to help you come up with the perfect site design for your brand.

If you’re a small business, 2018 could be the year to overhaul your web presence – or develop one if you don’t already have a website. A survey recently found that nearly two-thirds of customers will stop using a business if they can’t find any information about it online.


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