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Why IA Is Important For Web Design

by | 4 Apr, 2018 | Website Design

With technology ever evolving, it can be easy to get caught up in having the latest all-singing, all-dancing features on your website, but one marketing expert has suggested that we go back to basics and revisit our information architecture (IA) before we race to introduce the ‘next big thing’.

In an article for Marketing Week, Ben Davis explained that it’s sensible to revisit your IA to make sure that your website still meets the most important user needs.

He pointed out that website design, and indeed technology, has evolved quite a lot in the past decade, and as a result people are becoming lazier and have certain expectations when it comes to their online experiences.

Mr Davis pointed out that we still aren’t in a place where businesses can deliver personalised marketing at scale, and that means “until we can predict what people want, we have to enable them to find it for themselves”.

This is why IA is so important, because it dictates how your site will be designed and organised. Before you hire website designers in Surrey, it pays to sit down and work out the main tasks your users are trying to complete on your site.

This should be your starting point when you’re trying to create your IA and organise and prioritise your online content.

With more and more people finding and interacting with businesses online, and a greater level of competition as a result of the online environment, it’s vital for organisations of all sizes to get their websites right.

Small businesses in particular may want to look at their online presence after a recent survey found that 62 per cent of customers would stop considering a company if they couldn’t find any information about it on the internet.


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