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Building Your Own Acropolis – The Five Pillars Of Digital Marketing

by | 7 Apr, 2018 | Website Design

Entrepreneurs in the digital age now view the Internet, in most cases, as a critical method of B2B and B2C communication. To launch a business, entrepreneurs need to develop very early on a realistic web marketing strategy; to first make the company known and then to expand its notoriety. As with any plan, you will need to put in place different tactics, to fulfil specific goals and thus achieve the purpose of your strategy.

The first essential step is obviously the creation of a website, knudge knudge.., be it an e-commerce site or a professional portfolio. Although the world of digital marketing and communication technologies continues to grow, five major pillars remain timeless. Here’s a quick overview of the five most important tools that will help you achieve your goals.


Web Affiliation

Often used by web communication agencies, an affiliation strategy involves the business (affiliate) partnering with an associated site that can host and distribute a list of products to its users. A contract is made between the two sites, thus defining the affiliation program and the remuneration system. There are four types of compensation (CPC, CPL, CPA, CPM), each with its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to define, according to your budget and needs, what is best for the sustainability of your business.


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a long-term method, usually becoming visible after several months of continuous work. It is based on fine-tuning a large number of details on your site that Google’s robots and other search engines will judge. The general idea is based on optimising the website to enhance user experience; which includes:

  • Targeting specific search phrases (known as keywords)
  • Developing original and engaging content which leads to a structured sales-path
  • Spreading the word of the business’ services by posting articles on social & professional networks (known as backlinking) – similar in concept to posting an advertisement in a traditional media format.

Problems can sometimes arise for SEO when Google updates it’s algorithms, causing unfavourable changes. However, if you respect the rules, you should be fine.


Email Marketing

Although many people think that the “check this box to receive our newsletter” is often overlooked by website users, it allows businesses to build a solid database of valued and interested customers. Subsequently, you can take advantage of this database to establish effective marketing campaigns; however, be careful to respect the rules of e-commerce, under penalty of quickly becoming a “spammer”.


Adwords, Google’s Flagship Tool

Sponsored or paid links are part of what SEO experts call Paid Search Marketing (PPC). Google’s Adwords solution largely dominates this strategy and provides fast visible results, based on a keyword bidding system. You will appear directly in the first position of search results and other media, boosting traffic to your site. As a result, you can carefully control your marketing budget; however, it does not guarantee any ROI. With Google’s comprehensive dashboard, you can fine tune and refine your strategy, with performance monitoring and tweaking of search terms a necessary daily task.


Social Marketing

The last aspect of web marketing, and probably the most recent so far, is the use of social networks. At the rate at which new technologies are developing, Facebook is no longer the only known network. Companies must adapt and optimise their visibility by communicating on social networks and professional forums which actively include users searching for their services. Getting occasional likes or shares by a family member or friend is not going to cut it in the fast-paced digital landscape of the future.

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