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Should You Design With Print In Mind?

by | 28 Jan, 2021 | Website Design

Designing for the web and designing for print are two completely different mediums which require different tools, design principles and ideas. However, there are core principles and design philosophies that do translate and can make for amazing websites.

In the past, we have seen the issues of websites that have been designed with antiquated design principles in mind. Older web users may be aware of early website design principles such as the guestbook that were based on older traditions but did not translate well online.

However, there are certain design principles inspired by print media that translate exceptionally well online. Here are some top tips for designing a website using print media principles.

Font Choice Is Critical

Print media is designed to be easily read, as often newspapers, books and printed adverts are displayed in less than optimal reading conditions. As a result, choosing a readable typeface is essential to ensuring a comfortable reading experience.

This philosophy is also important in designing clear websites, particularly for mobile devices. As a result, the core principles that should guide the choice of print typeface should be considered when designing your website.

Readability First

Print media survives and thrives on its readability. Magazines and newspapers needed to fill an entire page with content, which often led to creative uses of space and clear layouts.

Ultimately, what is important to focus on is how your reader is likely to engage with a website and flow from section to section. Use newspaper and magazine layouts as inspiration for creative ways to accomplish this.

The primary goal with web design for a Surrey business is to guide your prospective customers to the information they need to know about you, and taking advantage of tried and true design principles will help them find you.


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