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Top Tips For B2B Digital Marketing

by | 10 Oct, 2018 | Website Design

It’s no secret that the B2B realm is very different to the B2C environment and it’s why you can’t just rely on what you know as a consumer when you’re developing a digital marketing strategy for a B2B company.

A recent article for Entrepreneur offered some advice about how to succeed online as a B2B business, including where you should put your focus.

One area identified as critical was a company’s website. B2B buyers aren’t going to make emotional decisions, they will make a choice about whose products or services to use after careful consideration. That means they’ll want to scour your website and find relevant detail.

“Your website needs to cater to the discovery mindset that your audience approaches this research with,” the news provider noted.

Working with web designers in Surrey could help you plan out your site structure and content to ensure that you’re providing the right information at the relevant stages of the customer journey.

People are increasingly working on the move too, so you should ensure your website is fully responsive and accessible on a range of devices, including mobiles and tablets, to allow for this more mobile workforce.

When you’re developing a new website you also need to consider SEO and content marketing as part of the whole project. Ensuring you create discoverable content to help boost your brand’s visibility is crucial to attracting new customers.

If you need any more incentive to work with specialist web designers on your project, take a look at our post about the importance of website design for businesses. This process isn’t just about making something that looks good, it also has to be functional and tie in with your other digital marketing channels, such as social media or newsletters, to draw people in.


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