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How To Use Web Design To Improve Conversion Rates

by | 24 Mar, 2020 | Website Design

Whether you’re selling products or want to boost the number of people that opt in for a free trial of your services, you’ll want to find ways that you can improve your conversion rates online.

A recent article for London Loves Business offered some tips on the top web design tactics that can help improve your conversion rates. Whether conversion is an area you’re struggling with or not, it never hurts to look for places to make improvements.

At the top of the list is working to limit the number of decisions your customers or users have to make. Essentially, the logic is that the more choices someone has, the longer it will take them to make a decision. So, if you reduce the choices, you’ll help them to make a decision more quickly.

The navigation bar is an easy place to start making changes, according to the news provider. Keeping this tidy with minimal links can help funnel people to what they’re looking for.

You might want to get some advice from web designers in Kingston when you start exploring improvements to your site.

It can be tempting to feel as though you should fill all the space on your web pages with content, but remember that negative space isn’t your enemy. This means having areas of white space that don’t contain content, images or videos. Having this space makes your content more scannable, legible and fundamentally easier for your users to read.

An article for Entrepreneur recently recommended using social proof tools to help your products stand out to prospective customers and encourage them to make a purchasing decision. Again, speak to your web designer about the most appropriate option for the look and feel of your website.


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