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Could You Use Pinterest’s Trends Tool?

by | 10 Jan, 2020 | Website Design

Those with online commercial businesses who are looking for website designers in Kingston should try out Pinterest’s new trends tool.

The online social media platform has been releasing trends data revealing information about new searches for a number of years and covers a range of categories. These include:

  • Travel
  • Health and wellness
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Celebrations
  • Food
  • Home
  • Men’s style
  • Women’s style
  • Beauty
  • Kids and parenting.

You can see 2019’s trends in its press office.

The new trends tool has been announced which will allow other companies to tap into the company’s algorithms to spot emerging trends.

“Because people come to Pinterest to save ideas and plan for the future, we can understand unique and emerging tastes, preferences and interests that have powered our algorithm over the years, and are now available for brands to learn more from,” the social media platform said.

The new tool is currently in beta and focuses on top US search terms so it could be a while before it comes to the UK, but still useful for identifying international trends. The tool is being tested in the US first, with other markets able to experiment with it at a later date.

Companies can use Pinterest as a site to drive traffic to their own. Some use it almost like a search engine and add Pinterest board to specifically drive traffic back to their own websites.

This is a great idea for any trends focused businesses who want to keep top of their customers’ visibility.


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