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Top Tips For Creating A Brand

by | 4 Sep, 2019 | Website Design

When you’re setting up a new business, one of the hardest parts can be defining your branding. It’s not always easy to pin down exactly what your brand should be, and it can be easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of the purpose of your business in the process.

In an article for Forbes recently, Dave McIndoe, founder and president of Netwave Interactive Marketing, offered some advice about how to successfully brand a business.

The first thing he pointed out is that a brand should never be about you. “Remember you’re not creating a brand for your own entertainment or ego. You’re doing it for your customers, staff, company, culture and, ultimately, your business growth,” he asserted.

Focusing on your customers will really help your branding efforts. Mr McIndoe recommends using buyer personas to help you understand who your audience are and what will appeal to them.

This includes giving your brand its own voice. Think about how it would sound and come across if it were a person. Remember that your tone of voice needs to create an emotional connection with your customers. Making it sound like them will help you do that.

Don’t only view branding as an exercise in promoting your business externally though. It’s also a way to help motivate your staff and create a positive company culture. Using branding effectively internally will mean customers receive a better service because your staff have bought into your brand.

Earlier this year we picked out some of the top branding trends for startups to keep an eye on. They included making brands more personable and showing your customers how you measure up to their moral standards.

If you need some help with your branding and online presence, work with web designers in Surrey to make sure you approach your branding efforts from the right perspective.


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