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Do You Have An Issue With Cart Abandonment?

by | 10 Sep, 2019 | Website Design

If you run an ecommerce site there are many factors that can affect how many sales you get and whether people leave part-way through the buying process.

Cart abandonment is a common problem and one that happens to around half of all ecommerce carts. That means 50 per cent of potential transactions fail at the final hurdle, a recent article for 365 Retail revealed.

The website spoke to the experts at Kerridge Commercial Systems to get some ideas about how you can reduce the rate of cart abandonment on your website. Just imagine how much better your business would perform if you could reduce the number of people who leave before hitting that all important ‘order’ button by half.

One of the first things to focus on is your security, particularly when it comes to payment methods. Make sure your security credentials are highly visible. The news provider noted that research by Experian found 27 per cent of customers had abandoned a purchase because of a lack of visible security.

Another thing to consider is saving the items in a customer’s basket for up to 48 hours. People may be browsing but waiting for payday to actually make a purchase, for instance. By saving their basket, you’re making it easier for them to complete the transaction at a later date.

In July, we reported on research that predicts over half of all retail sales will come through ecommerce by 2028, so that’s just another reason to get your online house in order.

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