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How To Show Your Business Is Trustworthy Online

by | 29 Jun, 2020 | Website Design

We all know that the internet has made it possible to buy from, well pretty much anywhere. But when we’re browsing online there are certain red flags that will put us off a particular business and there are likely to be other cues that show us a company is trustworthy if they’re new to us.

An article for News Anyway explained some of the top features that consumers look for to help them decide how trustworthy your business is.

An added bonus of working to make sure that your business not only is, but also looks, trustworthy is that many of the steps suggested by the news provider are likely to improve your Google search engine ranking.

Getting your web design right is at the top of the list. The majority of consumers form an opinion about your website – and therefore your business – in less than a second. That means your first impression needs to be on point.

In addition to having a professional design, work with web designers in Kingston to make sure that your site is as easy to navigate and accessible as possible.

On a more practical level, you need to have an SSL certificate for your website. This encrypts your users’ information, thereby protecting them from hackers while they’re using your site. Google has even made SSL certificates one of its top ranking factors, which means if you don’t have one you’ll be losing out to businesses that do.

If you’re not sure how your website performs in terms of its security, you could run one of a number of software testing tools to determine how secure your site is and what gaps you might need to fill. Business Matters Magazine recently shared a few of the most popular.

Running a test like this might show you why it’s so important to work with web developers, who will consider security while creating your site.


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