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How to Prepare For A Website Launch

by | 8 Apr, 2020 | Website Design

The last week and few days before the launch of a new website can be as exciting and nerve-wracking as watching the clock run out on the FA Cup final – the stakes keep getting higher, and the excitement builds.

For months, the client and the web design team have worked hard towards launching a beautiful new website design. A skilled web designer can most certainly help the process go smoothly, as well as preparing your internal team for the changes afoot and knowing what to expect can help reduce the overall stress.

5 Questions to help you prepare for a website launch

  1. Do you have all the correct logins?

To get a website up and running, there are a lot of moving parts. Every website requires a domain name and a hosting server, which can often be set up on different platforms. There is also email management settings to consider, assuming they are tied to the website.

Way before the website is even scheduled to go live, you should gather all the necessary logins for hosting and domain registry and ensure your web team has access to them.

  1. Who is launching the new site?

In most cases, your website team would handle the launch of a new website for you, and all you need to do is provide the login and access details.

There are some situations in which your IT team may need to handle the final steps in the process, and collaborate with the web design team.

Figure out who will be involved in the process, and what responsibilities are assigned to which team. It’s likely to be a team effort, and if so, set up a specific timeline for each step.

  1. What Are Your Post-Launch Marketing Campaigns?

Your new website is a wonderful opportunity for marketing, but it’s worth considering any marketing campaigns very carefully.

Avoid sending out any major marketing campaigns on the same day the new website goes live. While everything should go smoothly, you never know if a hiccup will occur. It is worth waiting a week to make sure everything is working properly.

  1. Is Your Team Trained & Ready to Manage the New Site?

Even if your new website is built on the same platform as your previous site, you will need to get familiar with the new one.

Figure out who on your IT team will be managing the site in terms of editing and posting content. While you may have a couple of team members working on the site, it’s helpful to pick a point person who is set up with full administrative access.

  1. Do You Have Post-Launch Support?

A simple mistake to make is to assume that the web design team will always be on hand for changes and support, but this isn’t always the case.

When searching for a website partner for the project, evaluate the support provided after the site launches. Any website team or developer will typically provide at least 30 days of guaranteed support and changes after the site goes live.

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