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Master These 3 SEO Basics To Attract Customers

by | 6 Nov, 2017 | Website Design

If your Surrey business is all set up and ready for success, yet your customer flow is somewhat lacking, your web presence might be to blame.

Having a website is now essential; digital information can help consumers find and engage with your business, or at the very least, provide the necessary information they need in order to know that your company is genuine.

Not all websites are created equal, however. Along with responsive design, search engine optimisation – or SEO for short – is integral to achieving your online goals, and there are some basic elements you should cover to ensure you have a fighting chance at bringing in those customers.

  1. Use relevant keywords – This essentially means thinking about the words your audience will use when they search for your business and weaving these into the wording on your site. A flower shop in Kingston would use ‘Kingston florist’, for example.
  1. Optimise meta information – Ensuring the title tags and meta descriptions on your website provide key information about your company is essential. Search engines use this information when deciding which websites to return in search results.
  1. Create content – Regularly updating a blog or news page keeps the content on your website fresh and provides more opportunities for visitors to find your business, read your content and become a customer.

By following these three basic SEO top tips, you stand to boost your business’ visibility and reach over time. If you’re looking for professional website designers in Surrey, contact us today – we have the expertise to work wonders for your SEO.


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