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Good Web Design Call To Actions ‘Lead To Conversions’

by | 16 Nov, 2017 | Website Design

Managers can quantify their investment in professional web design for their Kingston business with real conversions.

This is according to TG Daily, which revealed that web design has a direct correlation with conversion rates.

“When it comes to web design, you need to focus on three things: navigation, call-to-action, and colour scheme,” the technology news site stated. “Be sure that your website is easy to navigate. Make it clear for visitors to reach the pages they want. And once they get to the content they’re looking for, there must be a call-to-action that compels them to convert.”

Good web design helps add gravitas to your company’s branding algorithm in Google, the article continued. A company website is an extension of a brand and needs to be consistent with logos, a colour pallet and coherent style, which in turn helps its Google ranking.

Finally, effective web design that delivers good content while engaging customers will yield positive results, and good design will help visitors to your site consume its content effectively.

Recently Techaeris revealed common mistakes many stumble over when it comes to business web design, including complicated user interfaces or busy navigation bars.

Inefficient SEO was another pitfall. Without sufficient Search Engine Optimisation, how will your company appear on the first page of Google when customers search for your products or services?

Finally, not enabling a mobile-friendly version of your website could cost you future or even existing custom, as more and more of us are doing business and making purchases on our smartphones on the move.


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