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Make Your Website A Potential Earner

by | 5 Jul, 2019 | Website Design

Most businesses invest in new website design in Kingston for a sleek, professional-looking webpage that gives a good impression to potential customers. However, they can be so much more than that, even to the extent that your website could earn back the money you spend on it.

Here are some ways to make a profit from your webpage.

  • E-commerce

The most obvious way to make money from your website is to sell things on it. Websites are great at providing information about your business, sending a clear and consistent message about your branding, and making it easier for people to get in touch; but they can also be the place where you market your goods and services as well.

Set up an e-commerce facility and you will no longer have to rely on having a physical premise to sell your goods, as you can simply take orders through your website. Not only does this enable you to gain a customer-base from all over the country – even the world – but it also means you can save money paying for retail space.

Tech Aeris recommends building a mobile e-commerce app as well, as this encourages customers to buy items on their phones as well as from the website.

  • Call to action

If you don’t have a product to sell, don’t worry as there are other ways you can make your website work for you. For instance, you could establish several ‘call to actions’ on the webpage that encourage visitors to fill out forms, get in touch or sign up.

Make sure your phone details are clear, establish a contact form so people can message quickly, and encourage users to leave their details by offering them a newsletter or a deal they have to sign up to receive.

Jeremy Tapp at Homeflow was reported by The Negotiator as saying: “You wouldn’t believe how many agents fail to put their brand phone number in an easy-to-find position on their homepage.”

This, he stated, was essential, as “the biggest volume of website leads are still generated by phone”, which is why companies need to make it easier for people to give them a call by having a visible link to their phone number. This simple mistake could cost them a lot of customers, and subsequently, money.

  • Live chats

More and more websites are offering live chat options these days, and there is a good reason why. By having someone assist you as you navigate the website, you actively engage with the company.

Therefore, customers begin to build a rapport with the business and are more likely to use its service or buy something.

According to Mike Smithson of The Property Jungle: “A helpful customer service agent can often make a deal out of a casual browser and good online agents can do the same.”

Therefore, offering a bit of extra support to potential customers can not only help them find what they are looking for, but it may generate more sales in the future.


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