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Ecommerce Set To Grow

by | 17 Jul, 2019 | Website Design

More than half of all retail sales are expected to come from ecommerce in less than ten years.

That’s the finding of research commissioned by law firm Womble Bond Dickinson. The Digital Tipping Point report predicted that, by 2028, 53 per cent of retail sales will come from ecommerce, Internet Retailing reported.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the data found that young shoppers are much more likely to make purchases online than their older counterparts.

Almost two-thirds of those who are part of Generation Z – defined as anyone aged 16 to 24 – shop online at least once a fortnight. This compares to just 29 per cent of those aged over 65 who said they did the same.

One of the biggest limitations for ecommerce appears to be the cost of delivery, with 47 per cent of those surveyed saying that they’d shop online more often if delivery was cheaper. Making delivery faster and returns easier were other things highlighted to get more consumers onboard.

If more shoppers are going to be heading to websites to make their purchases, you need to ensure that your site stands out and helps consumers have a seamless shopping experience. recently offered some advice on how to improve conversions on your ecommerce site. They included keeping the design of your website simple, making sure you use high-quality images and videos, and being upfront with your pricing.

If your ecommerce website could benefit from an overhaul, or you simply want some advice on what you could be doing better, work with web designers in Surrey to make the necessary changes and streamline the online shopping experience for your customers.


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