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Have You Heard Of Audio Branding?

by | 17 Oct, 2019 | Website Design

You might be relatively familiar with the visual element of branding by now. Logos, colours associated with your company and anything that you see in relation to your brand is vital to making you recognisable.

But audio branding might be an area you’re less familiar with. Chief marketing and digital officer of US firm Target Rick Gomez recently told attendees at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing conference that he wants to focus more on this element of branding, explaining that he believes it’s going to become “increasingly important”.

The Drum reported on his comments, where he explained that part of audio branding for a retailer is to consider what sounds a customer will hear when they walk into a store.

He also said that he believes “the role of voice” will play a vital role in how retail marketing develops in the future.

This is something that web retailers also need to consider. Forbes recently highlighted voice search as one of the top trends that’s emerging in marketing at present.

Voice-assisted technology has become increasingly prevalent in our homes, and the convenience it offers means that more and more people are embracing it.

Understanding the difference between voice and text-based search will be essential for all kinds of businesses in the future if they’re to stand out from their competition when potential customers are searching for products or services.

Considering voice search when you’re developing or amending your website is essential. And if you produce any audio content, you may also want to consider how you brand it.

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