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Do You Need Video On Your Website?

by | 18 Jan, 2018 | Website Design

If you are hiring a video designer you need to consider the functionality that you will need in the future.

Video is often overlooked by businesses when they are planning their next website design, but it is becoming increasingly crucial.

Internet video traffic is expected to make up 80 per cent of consumer internet traffic in four years time according to Forbes, and this means that if you are selling anything via your website you cannot afford to miss out.

Last year Facebook coined the phrase ‘video first’ to describe the trend, largely enabled by its Facebook Live functionality, to make live video broadcasting available to the masses. This has meant that organisations are broadcasting events as they happen, rather than relying on write ups after the event.

This has facilitated the growth of increasingly engaged communities, supporters and fan bases, who are now able to engage more intimately with the brands they are the most interested in.

Businesses who sell online can clearly benefit from engaging with this trend, but it can also be helpful for other organisations. How about offering instructional videos if you provide services and advice? If you run events then nothing sells that to a more targeted audience then a well-executed video of everything you have done so far.

Remember, your clients may need to sell products themselves, so if you can demonstrate you can assist them with that with clearly presented online video, your pitch is half-way done.

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