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How Can You Improve Engagement On Your Website?

by | 30 Apr, 2020 | Website Design

With the vast majority of UK businesses not able to open their physical premises, making sure that you have a strong and engaging website has never been more important.

Regardless of the sector you operate in, you want your website to be engaging for prospective customers, but this is particularly important in the world of ecommerce. The main aim as a business is, of course, to drive conversion rates.

A recent article for TechGenyz explored some of the elements of website and user experience (UX) design that you need to consider if you want to see a greater number of conversions on your website.

One thing to consider to improve the overall design of your website is taking a content-first approach. This simply means thinking about what type of content you have (text, video, graphic etc) and how best to design for that, before you then configure the design for different devices.

Micro-interactions are another trend to tap into, the news provider suggested, noting that they can help people to navigate around a website and complete transactions. Micro-interactions are simply visual cues or animations that a user will see when they perform certain actions on your site.

Customer Think, meanwhile, recently stressed the importance of looking at form design if you want to improve your site’s UX and thereby conversion rates. Among the top tips are to make sure you’re only asking for the information you really need and ensuring that the form’s design is “clean and responsive”.

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