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Branding Trends For Startups To Watch

by | 20 Feb, 2019 | Website Design

When you’re starting a new business, one of the things you want to get right from the outset is your brand. As with all areas of marketing, there are trends that it’s worth keeping an eye on.

A recent article for Entrepreneur highlighted some of the top trends that start-ups should watch while developing their brand with the help of web designers in Surrey.

Illustration is at the top of the list, with the news provider pointing out that a growing number of businesses are using art as a way to engage with their audience. It’s about making a brand more personable and easier to connect with, the article explained.

The influence of millennials is another thing that no business should ignore. From a branding perspective, this means making sure that you’re measuring up to their moral standards and communicating that effectively.

According to the news provider, those in the millennial generation are much more politically aware than their parents, as well as being increasingly swayed by issues such as sustainability and discrimination.

The article summarised that “brands are putting effort into connecting with audiences in a meaningful way”, so this is where it’s best to focus your efforts.

Writing for Forbes recently, Pia Silva explained that many businesses get confused about what constitutes branding as opposed to marketing, but stressed that you should never look at either of these in a vacuum because they both feed into one another.

It’s essential to get your branding right and establish a solid foundation on which you can build your marketing efforts, she elaborated.


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