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3 Important Web Design Areas To Improve

by | 13 Aug, 2018 | Website Design

Everyone enjoys that opportunity to be critical after visiting a restaurant or watching a new film. The same can be said for anyone that’s visiting a website. You won’t want to put time and effort into building a new site only for different areas to hold it back from reaching its full potential. Whether you’re a business in Reading or a freelance artist based in Kingston, web design can all be undone if it’s not executed properly.

Here are three important areas to improve for any website.



It’s easy to not care about picking a font and later realise that it doesn’t fit the website’s theme or makes the content a difficult read. What’s even worse is when a website looks like a CV due to a typeface like Times New Roman. It’s time to experiment and find a font that makes all content – from blogs to menu headings – stand out on the site.



It’s a feature that everyone will have, but most people will create it with the mentality of having one rather than making it distinctive. You will also find that it might sit on a certain page and has no other use for it either. Instead, place the logo in the website’s header and hyperlink it back to the homepage.

The level of interactivity means that anyone will be able to appreciate the effort put into creating a unique logo.


Mobile friendly

Just consider for a moment how many people that might access a website from their phone or a tablet. If your website isn’t configured properly, it’s going to look far less appealing on a handheld device than it might do on a computer screen.

For those looking to set up a new website – or own one already – it’s important to not disregard a user interface that supports all types of internet browsers and laptops, mobiles and tablets.


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