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Top Tips For A Website That Converts

by | 23 Oct, 2017 | Website Design

Having an effective website is important for any business with dealings in the digital arena but getting the most from your website isn’t always easy.

From website design and wording to the calls to action used, there are dozens of elements that combine to make a website effective – or not.

A group of experts recently published their top tips in Entrepreneur magazine, suggesting more than a dozen ways in which a website can aim for higher conversions.

Focusing on problem solving rather than talking up your business can help illustrate to an audience how they stand to gain from using your products or services, the piece reads. Likewise, editing the copy on a website to ensure results rather than features are a priority is useful in concentrating a prospect’s mind.

A consistent brand identity builds trust, so having streamlined branding on your website and offline can be beneficial. Creating an engaging and appealing About Us page, meanwhile, can also assist with trust building, and utilising social channels helps build up a relationship with consumers, adding value.

The content provided on the website via a blog should also be engaging and give something back to the audience – this is an opportunity to educate consumers in why they need your products or services. It can also pay to target the right customers with key phrases relevant to your audience, experts suggest.

Customer experiences can also impact on a prospect’s decision to engage with a brand and convert in your desired way – if a website is low to load, for example, users could be put off right away. As an example, Amazon’s revenue rose by one per cent after cutting the website’s load time by just 0.1 second.

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