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Three Signs Your Website Is Outdated

by | 15 Sep, 2020 | Website Design

Keeping your website up-to-date is not only essential for its functions and aesthetics, but also for generating leads, attracting customers and visitors, and keeping your business going.

Outdated websites can look out of place and may not display correctly on some browsers or devices, and broken links and poorly written copy can drive potential customers to your competition.

We have a look at three signs that your website needs attention.

1. Outdated Design

It is fairly straight forward to figure out if your design is outdated or not. First, you need to consider the niche in which your website or business occupies, and your intended audience.

Then, compile a list of the most successful websites for your niche and audience, and take a look at the design techniques, the fonts, colour schemes, and the tone of voice. This could all also vary depending on your sector, country, and language, as each may have different standards and styles.

Compare the information you have gathered to the design of your website, and you can objectively find out if it appears out of date, or stands proudly with the competition. It may be a generalised method of finding out but can give you a fairly accurate means of assessing your design.

2. Outdated, Factually Incorrect Content

The purpose of your website is to present information about your product or services to potential and existing clients. If the information you share is incorrect and outdated, then you may end up losing revenue, or with frustrated clients asking why you can’t provide the promised services.

Also, keep in mind that search engines demote websites that have not been updated in a long time.

3. Not Displaying Correctly on Mobile or the Newest Browsers

Technology, mobile devices, and internet browsers are forever changing and evolving, and quicker than ever. If your website doesn’t change and evolve with them, it will start displaying incorrectly, a clear sign that your website is out of date and needs an overhaul.

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