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Why Surrey Businesses Should Improve Their Web Design

by | 5 Jul, 2018 | Website Design

It’s easy for anyone to set up their own website. Anyone can sign up to WordPress and create their own platform to post content from. It sounds simple – that’s because it is – but it shouldn’t overlook the importance of web design. Surrey businesses need a design that matches and identifies the content marketed to their respective audiences.

That’s where Tiger Pink Design steps in to save the day. Go anywhere online and there will be a list-based feature laying down the law with the most important factors for a website. For example, points to web design as a number one priority. Let’s face it: everyone wants to be the next Apple, making their products stand out from the crowd. Tiger Pink can provide designs tailor made for an individual’s exact requirements, having previously designed for the likes of West Hill Primary School and even a private psychologist.

Web design doesn’t stop at making a website look pretty. It’s always about going the extra mile with a website’s potential to bring people there in the first place. Chron points to both newsletters and social media accounts as vital parts of any website. If social media doesn’t bring people in, then a newsletter will – and vice versa!

There’s an inner hipster side to everyone where originality is everything. What separates successful businesses from flash-in-the-pan hipsters is establishing a brand and identity that has longevity. Tiger Pink can help to bring that out by creating a logo that stands out from everyone else. And think about it: how many other places are called Tiger Pink? That is just one reason why Tiger Pink is the best option to produce something fresh and creative where your new website is concerned.


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