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Logo Design Trends To Watch

by | 18 Jun, 2020 | Website Design

Whether you’re launching a new business or are planning to rebrand your existing company, one aspect of graphic design is essential: your logo.

There are always trends in logo design and 2020 is no different, as Bill Gardner recently pointed out in an article for The Fast Company. He picked out some of the top trends that he’s noticed in logo design in recent months, predicting which ones will continue to be used by brands as we move through the rest of 2020.

Mr Gardner suggested that there are two trends that have taken cues from the 1970s – the emergence of “big fat fonts” and “ultra-minimalist vector images”. He said that the former is likely a response to the “minimalist, sans serif aesthetic we’ve gotten used to the last five or six years”.

The ultra-minimalist images, meanwhile, are likely to have originated from a “desire to return to clarity and simplicity”.

He also highlighted the growing use of small animated movements in certain logos, such as the wink of an eye, which he described as “subtle and clever”.

Another trend that he expects to increase in the coming years is the use of the likes of flowers and leaves to indicate natural or organic products.

Of course, following the trends isn’t the only factor you need to consider when you’re designing a new logo. You need it to be representative of your business and what you provide so that it can give your business the longevity it needs.

Working with web designers in Kingston can help you to find the right logo fit for your business and ensure that you don’t just make do with a design that won’t stand the test of time.

An article for Business2Community recently highlighted the benefits of working with a professional graphic designer, rather than trying to muddle through on your own. It pointed out that using a graphic designer can help you to develop a strong visual brand identity, not to mention saving you time and money in the long run.


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