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How To Improve Site Speed?

by | 4 Feb, 2020 | Website Design

Web designers in Kingston need to consider the site speed of their websites in order to improve their search engine optimisation.

Those who use Google Search Master Tools will be aware that Google produces site speed reports. These are not just informative, they are a warning that if you don’t improve the site speed for some pages you could negatively affect your indexing and therefore the search engine optimisation of the site.

Take a look at your speed reports to see what is happening, if you have any pages that are flagged or a general site speed problem then you should investigate the following options for improving site speed.

  1. Enable caching

Most websites should have caching enabled but this doesn’t always happen when a website is built. It is something that needs to be introduced as part of the htaccess file, and needs to be set specific to your site’s needs. Caching means that frequent users don’t need to reload the whole website each time they use it which can take a while.

  1. Shrink images

Often sites can be slowed down due to people uploading inappropriately large files to a system which can slow it down. Remember you only need a resolution of 72 dpi, and should avoid using the in-website media editor to edit pictures and instead should upload images of the correct size and resolution in the first place.

  1. Check plugins

While this isn’t necessarily a problem for all sites it is worth checking that you don’t have any giant plugins slowing everything down.


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