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Are All Websites Starting To Look The Same?

by | 15 May, 2020 | Website Design

One of the reasons to invest in good-quality website design in Surrey is to make your homepage stand out from your competitors to attract visitors and keep them engaged while they peruse your pages.

However, with websites beginning to appear more similar to each other than ever before, it can be harder to make yours look unique.

Indeed, websites are designed not only to represent your business, but also to provide information, increase retention rate so visitors stay on the site longer, and eventually lead potential customers towards a call-to-action, whether that is a purchase or signing up to a newsletter.

This becomes more difficult to achieve if websites look more and more like one another, as researchers from Indiana University revealed in The Conversation US.

They discovered: “We found that across all three metrics – colour, layout and AI-generated attributes – the average differences between websites peaked between 2008 and 2010 and then decreased between 2010 and 2016.”

While it is hard to make each website stand out as there are now more than a billion on the world wide web, and software libraries provide the same design elements, it is the job of a good website creator to add content and graphics to make yours look exceptional and still be effective.

When re-designing your website, it is important to make a big impact upon visitors within just a few seconds. As well as having a striking design, it is essential the information provided is up to date, links are not broken, and images are relevant to avoid giving a negative impression about your brand.

Of course, it is not just about how your website looks that is important as businesses need to focus on their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy too. Make sure the content is fully optimised so the website appears higher in search engine rankings, and is able to attract as many visitors as possible.


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