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How Much Do You Test Digital Design?

by | 13 Mar, 2018 | Website Design

When you’re designing a website – or anything that’s going to be part of the digital environment – there are a host of things you need to think about. We’ve recently discussed the importance of responsive design, for instance.

Getting your branding right for a digital environment is a key part of that, and something that Audi has been doing a lot of work on. Design Week recently showcased the efforts the automaker has taken in terms of making its digital channels more accessible.

It has made a big thing about becoming a digital-first brand, and as such is launching a new tool to encourage people to play with and test its branding.

The automaker has made all of its design guidelines accessible online, and through this tool is encouraging people to mock-up their own Audi-inspired designs. The tool will then tell them how well this sits in the brand architecture.

Audi’s new visual identity has very much been informed by the precise and technical side of the business. Strichpunkt, the agency behind the rebrand, told the publication that the striped-back logo, typeface and line-drawn icons that appear on the website were inspired by “the precise technical drawings designed when developing Audi’s cars”.

While the team at the automaker probably aren’t expecting any serious issues with the digital branding to crop up through its tool, it’s an interesting idea that helps create engagement with a brand as well.

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